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Welcome back!

536978879_Inactive, Jan 12, 05 12:58 PM.
Happy New Year everyone!

Check out the main forum for the scoop. =)


Guild Meeting!

536978879_Inactive, Dec 2, 04 9:25 PM.
Alright guys, it has been a while since we've had one of these.  This coming Tuesday (12-7-04)  I will be holding a guild meeting at 6:30 PST.  We have a lot to discuss regarding the current status of the guild, so please be there if you can.  One of the important things will be the time of the guild meeting.  Tuesdays don't always work for me, I am thinking of moving them to Monday nights.  So, if you would like to put some input on that... show up!


Happy Thanksgiving!

536978879_Inactive, Nov 23, 04 8:29 AM.
Hey guys, looking at my schedule for the night, and the fact that I fly out tomorrow to go hang out at home for the next few days, I am gonna cancel tonight's guild meeting.  I have lots of packing to do, and several folks might already be out visiting family for the holidays, so I'll hold another one in two weeks!

Of course, if any SHers want to get together tonight and work it in the RvR, I wouldnt say 'no'. =P  Just make sure you have some fun for me, as I'll be packing my bag and studying for a calc exam tonight. =P

Hey Gang!

536978879_Inactive, Nov 15, 04 2:27 PM.

I am back from my sabbatical.  I didnt post anything before I left, but I spent this last weekend with my touring drama group, the University Players, as we took a drive out to Boise and back.  Eight hours there, eight hours back, and 4 shows in between.  It was an awesome weekend.

However, coming back to school and checking up on the Herald was not as exciting as I had hoped.  Turns out albs went on a bit of a rampage this weekend.  The hib fronteir is a myriad of blue and red, with a little green.  This should be inspiration to all of you to be at our RvR night tomorrow!  7pm PST!  Be at DL!  I want to see some numbers, I intend on leading a charge to claim back Emain!


Guild Meeting 10-26-04

536978879_Inactive, Oct 28, 04 4:41 PM.

Due to an unexpectedly small amount of people who were around for the guild meeting the other night, I decided to postpone it.  I apologize to everyone who was around and ready for it.  I have a RL commitment scheduled for next Tuesday, so we will meet again the Tuesday after that (the 9th of November to be precise).

So, on Tuesday the 9th at 6:30 PM will be the next guild meeting.

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